Joined together to represent the interests and concerns of our industry.


The National Country Ham Association is an affiliate of the American Association of Meat Processors.  The National Country Ham Association was organized in 1992. The National Country Ham Association was organized to represent interest and concerns which could not be represented or could be represented only with great difficulty by the individual companies.

Our Mission and Service for Members

Promotion, development, and improvement of the business of country ham curers, and to encourage the sale and use of country cured meats through co-operative methods of production, promotion, education, advertisement, and trade shows are primary goals of the National Country Ham Association.

Since 1992 the National Country Ham Association (NCHA) has addressed such issues as nutritional labeling, HACCP, methyl bromide replacement, and new product development.

Just a few accomplishments of NCHA in the promotion of country ham: 

  • Design and approval of the NCHA logo.
  • Creation of new slogan “Taste the Tradition.”
  • Trademark of the above mentioned logo and slogan.
  • Relationships with chefs across the country have been established on behalf of the association.
  • The establishment of a relationship with many newspapers on behalf of the association.
  • The creation of the association’s first brochure which features innovative recipes created by famous, high-profile chefs from across the country. With the brochure we hope to reach the younger, upscale consumer who has little experience with country ham.  The goal is to elevate country ham to its deserved position as a gourmet food, as well as a staple of the American diet.

Just a few member only benefits: 

  • Completed a Pathogen Reduction Study, through the efforts of Dr. Estes Reynolds from the University of Georgia, available to members only!
  • Annual networking conference with other country ham producers, university dry-cured meats specialist, and suppliers to the industry.
  • NCHA sponsors ongoing research seeking the replacement of Methyl Bromide.
  • Your company link from the website.
  • Facebook promotion through the National Country Ham Association page
  • Industry assistance available through the NCHA office.