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August 2018 | Champion ham sells for $2.8 million at the Kentucky State Fair

Louisville, KY – The Grand Champion Ham of the 2018 Kentucky State Fair broke records Thursday, selling for $2.8 million.

Central Bank and Dr. Mark Lynn wone the auction, each putting $1.4 million toward the purchase, breaking the previous record of $2 million in 2014.

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Photos: (middle) Ronny and Beth Drennan, Broadbent B&B Foods with the 2018 winner, which weighed in at 18.77 pounds. (right) Ronny and Beth Drennan, Broadbent B&B Foods and Kentucky Commissioner of Agriculture Ryan Quarles.


June 2016 | Big news for food entrepreneurs seeking variances for cured meats!  

NCSU’s Dr. Dana Hanson announces a new charcuterie school.  The school will offer a four-session class held on Mondays that would cover the regulations and the science behind making sausages and cured meats.  The school would also include hands-on lessons.  Read the full article here:


January 2016 | “NC State Meat Science Program Wins at Internationally Recognized Meat Competition”